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Bert's Pharmacy is proud to offer Elizabeth, NJ the most extensive Western Union services available anywhere. As your local Western Union Agent, we provide you with the safest, fastest and most efficient method of getting or receiving cash from one point to another, anywhere in the world.

Western Union money transfers can be real life savers. Whether you need to get some cash to a friend or loved one while they’re travelling, or you’re looking to receive a disbursement, having a Western Union Agent inside your pharmacy will save you time and money and also help relieve some of the stress.

As a Western Union Agent, Bert's Pharmacy offers the complete range of money transfer products. From the convenience of our easy-access location, feel free to wire money to or from any location in the world, pay bills, obtain money orders, or perform a variety of other fast and convenient money transfer services. We also offer the exclusive Western Union Travelwise card as well as the My WU prepaid Mastercard.

Bert's Pharmacy transfer rates are always the lowest, even when transferring money between different countries. We offer the Western Union online foreign exchange solution, which provides you with an immediate $10,000 approval and competitive foreign exchange rates. Relax, and let Bert's Pharmacy handle all your money transfer requirements!

Bert's Pharmacy prides itself on providing you with a safe and secure location for you to conduct all your money transfers. We take consumer protection seriously, which means we put that extra effort into making sure all your transactions are conducted in a confidential manner. Let Bert's Pharmacy be your reliable Western Union Agent.

Allow Bert's Pharmacy to be your total money transfer specialist. Trust all your Western Union money transfers to us. Contact us today to learn more!

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